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Saturday, March 18, 2006

it was supposed to be a wonderful day..but never did i expected it to turn out to be sure a horribleday instead..things were fine..but it got worst..i walked off jus like tat without looking back..lolz..ugly situation..i could hardly believe it..its e first time this happened..im so pissed off..feel like slamming everything which get into my sight...god damn..

_just me_
Saturday, March 18, 2006


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What�s up with the weather today? It started to rain the moment I reached the basement...i had to make my way up to my office to get my umbrella�but the rain had stopped & was shinning brightly instead when I got back down�omg�that was so sickening..e trip up to e office had caused me to miss my double deck�damn.. I gotta wait for another 20 mins for the next bus & it�s a single deck�shit�god damn crowded..

Well�I finally made up my mind today�the stupid question had been bugging me for such a long time�which caused my mind to run wild�I mean�I think too much..anyway�im not sure if I made the right decision�I�ve been in a dilemma�which kinda sucks�made me feel awful though�what to do? Libra always weights the pros & cons�

Never noe what will happen�Im not sure of what I want�not confident enough n im kinda afraid..heee�who cares? Nobody�s perfect�or are my expectations too high? Arh�whatever�

How I feel now is unbelievable�I could feel the blood rushing to my head n im nervous�faint�hadn�t had this feeling for quite some time�yeah v long indeed�feel like fainting�lolz�

_just me_
Wednesday, March 01, 2006