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Monday, May 30, 2005

Quite an interesting evening�I was on the bus�standing facing directly to the window�as usual�im tuning to my mp3 player �so engrossed in the music that�s playing�staring blankly outside the window...but something caught my attention...i saw a group of guys...ard the age of 18-20.....all of them were pointing their middle finger at the bus when we pass by...still smiling at us...i was facing them face to face...wat the hell was that...i think im the only 1 who noticed them..or perhaps the bus driver too? Cuz most of the passengers had their eyes sticked onto the Mobile TV...faint...

I was roaming ard by myself...bought a cd from uncle's shop...knew him few years ago...then i saw the chinaman cursing and condemning so furiously...faint...i thought he's insane�but i realized he was condemning the Joyce...new local singer...the Guo Mei Mei...who sang the cover of Lao Shu Ai Da Mi...i understand y he's so furious now...lolz...cuz the original singer of this song is a guy from China...hahaha...wahh...he's so furious...luckily i din pick up tat cd...after crumbling for sometimes he stormed off...faint...haha...teased the uncle...so steady..still entertain that crazy man...hahahaha....but I still prefer the Cantonese version by Twins�

I saw someone whom I�ve haven seen for quite sometime�a year alrdy I guess�I never notice him�cuz I was looking at my mp3 controller�until I tilted my head up where I saw someone a few feet beside me�he walked infront of me�hoping I would notice him�he looks familiar to me�but I din think that much and walked off�when I think of it�I realized its him..faint�someone whom I don wish to meet�faint� he looks so different�I couldn�t recognize him�he had became so huge�omg�I was kinda freaked out�I think he alrdy saw me all along�jus tat din call upon me�faint�I knew he�s following behind me�so I when into Guardian and browse through some stuffs�actually I was jus acting lahz�cuz I wanna make him lose track of me�hahaha�a lot of times I saw him coming towards me from the corner of my eyes�but then he turned ard again�no courage ar�or shy? Pengz�hahaha�anyway don come up to me also not a bad thing lahz�so I don need to entertain him�haha�I roam a few rounds and finally sneak away�wahaha�phew�

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Monday, May 30, 2005


Friday, May 27, 2005

Take a look at these pix..cant stop laughing when i look at it...



_just me_
Friday, May 27, 2005


Sianz...wat a bad hair day!! Omg...my hair looked like a coconut!! Sianz...i don have a cap with me..damn it..

_just me_
Friday, May 27, 2005


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Went jogging this evening�memories of my sec school days flashed back to my mind�while Im on my way to the park�jus a few streets away from my previous sec school�I took the same route there which I used to...few years back...i�ve got a frenz whom stay jus opp my block�we used to go sch together�but she had moved�sianz�the sch changed so much�the old 1 has been demolished�the new 1 still looks quite ok�shld have take a pix of it�but I din bring my phone with me�I missed my sec school days so much�those days in class�esp my accounting class�cos my partner is always on MC�each wk I only see her face once or twice�I wonder how do she get her MC from? Der�so I always gossip with the classmates sitting infront of me..haha��Ah Bao� & �Professor Tan�..�nothing better to do�except keep making fun of our accounting teacher�haha! Its jus so damned funny�couldn�t stop laughing whenever I think of it�lolz�used to be �xian� or �fairy� in another words�during recess�I was influenced by the Twins�der�both of them were vegetarian�they don eat anything during recess�and I always hang around with them�I began �fasting� as well�haha�went through 2 years of recuperation�
Those F&N days were so precious�only we F&N girls get to step into our school�s kitchen..heh heh�happiest lesson though�cos no books and stuff..jus cook! Haha�there was once�we were preparing food for sales during the Sports Day Event�she told us to do sandwiches�2 flavors...the tuna and chicken....i was so curious wat�s �Professor Tan� was doin��Oie�which flavor are u doin?� Pro Tan : �oh..chicken!� Me: �Oh�ni zhuo ji de huh?!� in mandarin�faint�we jus bursted out laughing so loud�got scolding by our teacher�haha�faint�

_just me_
Thursday, May 26, 2005


Monday, May 23, 2005

Long weekend...

Sigh...its almost the end of my long weekend...it came fast..and pass in a glance...sianz...there wont be any public holis for the next few months..except the National Day...arrh...

Went Mount Faber 2day...the weather is so damn warm...its so miserable standing under the sun...but..at least..it din rain..heh heh...which allows me to take more pix..lolz...

Dine at Macperson this evening...omg...im so bloated...donno y...i din ate that much though...der...but the foods ordered definetly is too much...they jus filled up the entire table..faint...i was stiring at my dessert with a blank mind....my eyes followed the circular motion...somehow..someone jus popped up into my mind...when i saw the Barley floating gently in my dessert..lolz...you shld noe who u are....we used to drink Barley at SES canteen..haha...u jus picked at every Barley...till the last bit...never will i see any Barley leftovers in ur cup..!! wahaha...

VIP...pls don drool after u've seen the following pix...hahaha...i ate it jus now!! Bleahz...i thought i jus snap a pix for u..hahaha...


_just me_
Monday, May 23, 2005


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Summer Outing

_just me_
Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

To Jia Jia

hey..wattzup? i have difficulty reading those words on ur xanga!! They seems to have camouflaged into ur template�lolz�and I gotta select the entire page inorder to READ�..anyway�ur updates are just so god damn funny..esp the Daniel Wu�s stuff�u guys are really mo liu ar..faint�poor Daniel...take care� :-D

_just me_
Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Monday, May 16, 2005


C:????? ?????? ????? ??????
G:????? ?????????? ????? ???

C(2X)G:????? ????? ?????????
G(2X)C:????? ????? ???
T:??? ????? ????? ?????
C(2X):??? G:???

@T:????????? G(2X)C:??A?B????
T:????????? C(2X)G:?? ???
T:????????? G(2X)C:??????????
T:????????? C(2X)G:?? ????

G (Rap):????????? ??????????
?? ??? ??????? ????? ??????
?????????? ???????? ???????D???

T: ????? C: ??????
T: ????? G: ?????
T: ????? C: ??????????
T: ????? G: ????


C (Rap): ??????? ?????????
????? ????? ??????????
?????? ??? ???
??d??????? ????????

*g(2x)T ????? ????? ?????

T: ????? ?????????? ????? ????

_just me_
Monday, May 16, 2005


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Yes!! Finally caught the prank caller this afternoon�damned it�though I wasn�t sure who�s calling�but I shouted my head off at him�damn it�.he din a sound�din said anything�jus long silence�.wat the hell is he up to? He aint got any better things to do? Im getting to suspect tat this caller might be someone 1 knew�god damn�im jus getting so irritated with this stupid shit caller�damn�@##$%^&***(()^

_just me_
Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wow�it�s a super duper fantastic day�though im so exhausted�feelin kinda like a heavy log�im barely functioning now�even after my steaming hot bath�guess I would be sleeping like a dead pig later when I lye on my bed�which looks so tempting now�cuz its jus behind me! Haha�

Spent my entire day at Sentosa with si & vi�lolz�.the weather is great�and I think I�ve got sun burn on my shoulders�my upper shoulders are so pinky red now�but e color looks nice though..haha�

Woke up quite early this morning�.was suppose to meet them at 1000 hrs�but I was so late�got nagging from someone..haha�cant blame me..cuz I don have a chaffer!! Haha�oopx�

Habour front kinda of crowded�actually most of e ppl there are either heading towards Sentosa or e Cruise�the queue for the cable car tix was so long�its such a relieve that the process is quite fast which reduce our queuing and standing time...haha�

Faint�someone get v enthusiastic when we get on the cable car..hahaha�e view was cool�I could jus see e entire sea n building with jus 1 glance�I like the star cruise cus its view is so clear�By the time we finally get to Sentosa its alrdy 130�actually we haven really start our �tour��but our digi cam and handphones are alrdy clicking away�haha�camera freaks rite? Haha�tats the way I like it�cos we love to pix�I think we took a total of ard 400+ pix�

Someone�keep changing clothes�how many shirts did u actually changed?? Hahaha�staying in the wc �should I wear sleeveless or my pink color t-shirt??� faint�our 1st destination was e Siloso beach�yes�gorgeous beach�though e sea aint that crystal clear�but at least its much more better then the Changi beach�the sands were so steaming hot�our feet sink into the soft fine sand as when make our way along e beach..wah..free hot feet message? Haha�but I guess only vi & I feel e heat of the sand�cuz si din feel anything..? omg�best�e beach is e best place..haha�I�ll upload some of the pix another time�.we get to e top of e beach where we could jus get the full view of the entire beach�haha�there�s a rock which surface area is enough for 2 ppls batty�nv knew si placed her batty there�and popped up in a sec�saying �wow�e rock�s hot..hahaha�steady�finally u�ve got some feelin..not ur feet�but ur batty..hahaha�� I think she�s posing for her solo pix�cant rem�

We went to e Fort Siloso�very disappointing actually�cos there�s nothing to see there�wl�waste my money�no choice also�cuz its included in our package lahz�sigh�headed towards the horse den for awhile�jus to get a 10 mins ride on e horse cost 15bucks? God damn..its not cheap�.there�s a little pony there�its only for riding of young kids�we were there examining the little pony while �mei nu� went wc change clothes again�faint�felt so sorry for e little pony�cuz it seems so tired and breathless�it looks weak when I saw it riding those kids�sigh�

Before we start to leave e den�it starts drizzling�its such a relieve that the 2 mei nu brought their umbrellas along�haha�if not we�re gonna be drenched�we�re not that familiar with e route..thus we get round and round trying to figure out which is e correct direction..lolz�finally got to e Merlion walk..wl�also aint wat I expected�faint�.cos e 1 in my memories are so many yrs ago�loitered in the Merlion for 45 mins...
Got a drink at Delifrance�Ice Caf� Chocolate Mocha� thankz to you guys�so �entu� bout discussing our dinner at Palawan beach�wl�say wanna buy the caf� there�with our TUNAS & bread�wl�si alrdy finished her caf� to e last drop b4 we get there..and vi�s alrdy � gone�pump mi air hor�mine was still � full�anyway we din even ate anything at e Palawan beach�cos we�re starting to take pix again..haha�I really wanted to get over the other side of the sea�but its getting dark and its drizzling lightly�the bridge aint bright enough..so�din get the chance to cross over�ended up settling down on the sands�watch e sea�e artificial �sunset��haaha�u will nv noe wat I mean if u�re not there with me at tat moment of time..lolz�

There�s still a lot to write�but im getting tired�so don wanna go into any further details�our last station was the Carlsberg Sky Tower�10mins duration�e ride worth its 10 bucks�as e night view is v eye catching�yes�by tat time its alrdy 845..almost getting to 2100hrs�luckily we managed to catch our last cable back�actually we could hang ard longer if we take e feeder bus instead of the cable car�cuz e feeder bus function till 1230am�its such as waste tat we din managed to get ard e entire island..

We�re starving when we get back to Harbour front�only had our brunch�wl�still thinking of the stupid TUNA!! But ate Macs instead�wl..opened e TUNA!!! But din finsh up!! Omg�

_just me_
Sunday, May 01, 2005